Minimises maintenance costs and resource consumption As the solution is hosted by Panda Security, it requires no investment in infrastructure or specialised personnel. It is incredibly light, using specific technology to minimise resource consumption and bandwidth usage. Web monitoring and filtering Boost your company’s productivity, monitoring and/or blocking access to websites with unproductive or dangerous content for your business, regardless of the browser version used by end users. Centralised device control Block all or specific devices (removable storage drives, image capture devices, DVD/CD drives, USB modems, Bluetooth devices, etc.), preventing malware entry and data leakage while increasing productivity. You can also deny or allow certain actions (read/write) for specific devices. Precise reporting and Internal PC Auditing With this solution you know what is happening on your PC’s, can get automated alerts from us, and weekly / monthly reports showing that we are taking care of your security, PC’s, Laptops and network 24/7. PRICING Unit (Device)     *Price                                                1                  R85.00 LIGHT        SECURE        EASY
In addition, this comprehensive solution increases user productivity, filtering and monitoring Web traffic, neutralising spam, and allowing companies to focus on their core business while forgetting about the costs, complexities and hassles associated with unproductive user activities.
We provide uninterrupted, real-time protection for PCs, Servers and Laptops, as well as for Exchange servers.
Providing the Harnessed Power of Internet Simplicity & Functionality Simplicity & Functionality