   Auto Off - Site Backup    in background.    Encrypts  on your Machine, then updates.    Daily incremental upload of new d ata .    You have access to your files from any PC.    Sabotage Proof  & Delete Proof .    One Fixed Price covers all costs: o   Total disk Usage o   Total Upload o   Total Download o   User Account o   Licensing    Consolidation feature: o   Paste l o   Micros o   GAAP o   Pilot
Hard Drive Crash
PRICING   Unit (Device)   Price*   1 - 3   R330.00   4 - 10   R30 0.00   11 +   R280 .00   *Price is subjected to quote.   For Quote Please Contact :   Gideon Scheepers   Tel: 011 - 453 - 7000/8000/9000   Fax: 011 - 453 - 2000   e - Mail: gideon@it group.sa.com Off Site Encrypted & Secured Backup
OUR BACKUP ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY IS THREE TO FOUR TIMES STRONGER THAN REGULAR INTERNET BANKING. Our data platform is hosted at the Vodacom Business Data Centre in Midrand, one of South Africas most advanced high- tech and secure data centres. Our infrastructure is replicated and mirrored so all data is stored in two locations, thus the chance of losing your backup is virtually nonexistent. Our backup technology has been in use internationally for years. Companies using the same technology as Ironclad Speed Backup include Old Mutual, Macsteel, Discovery Health, Media24 & Pastel The Ironclad Speed Backup solution can back up ANY DATA that is selected by you at any time, i.e. you can vary the data selection by adding or deleting files or folders AT ANY TIME.
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